KOC 1000

With the Pulsator Milking, it is provided that the vacuum is applied on the tops of udders, in a controlled manner. The  system operates by creating a vacuum in accordance with blood circulation and pulsation of the animals.

The fact that continuous vacuum is applied on tops of udders causes to some breast diseases. Alternatively, the vacuum should be terminated at intervals; and the blood circulation is provided.

The fact that the vacuum is terminated at intervals is duty of the pulsator.

SESAPULS pulsators have optimum performance, high-reliability and maximum durability  features., by depending on concept of "proven". 

Operating System: Pneumatic
Usage Area: Cow    Sheep   Goat
Milking rate: 60/40 - 70/30 - 50/50
Pulse Rate: Adjustable
Pulse Control: Membrane Mechanism
Air Output: Dual Output
Inner Plate: Chrome
Top Cover: Chrome, Polycarbonate Transparent
Dimensions: 88*105*88
Weight: 0.310 kg
Side Cover: Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow