Kocaosmanoğlu got down into the production sector, in 1978.Kocaosmanoğlu who followed the changing and developing market conditions, up to year 1994, and saw the requirements in the sector entered in  the Animal Breeding Equipments sector; and started to manufacture automatic waterer.  Afterwards, he started manufacturing of Trochar, Swallowing Catheter, Muset-Gas Catheter, Suture Needle for Veterinary Surgery; and continued until year 2007.

Kocaosmanoğlu, with his knowledge and experience on Animal Breeding Equipments sector he has gained since 1994, increased his investments, in 2007, directed to the production; and entered into the sector with Pulsator which is a newest production (Milking machine control unit).He exhibited his assertion in the manufacturing of the pulsator by collecting the manufacturing of pulsator under a unique roof with a manufacturing model from raw material to direct finished product.

Kocaosmanoğlu who is a persistent value in the sector with his long history in the sector, his sale and after-sale sensitivity, and his professional perspective, has achieved a significant success under his SESA PULS trade mark in Milking Machines/Equipments sector within the domestic market. As for in 2013, he started also manufacturing of Claw which is another product in manufacturing sector. He is continuing his studies by increasing developed product types with his innovative perspective and dynamic manufacturing structure.